Learn how to generate and manage more reviews with the CEO and Co-Founder of Mobrium.

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Matt Vance is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mobrium, a platform aimed to streamline your employer reputation on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Comparably and InHerSight. Furthermore, Matt Vance is the author of The Review Cycle, a book which outlines a disruptive new consumer behavior model. Tune it to hear Matt’s expertise on generating and managing more reviews.

Before we jump into this week’s episode highlights, Matt is the author of The Review Cycle. Listeners can get a free copy of The Review Cycle (just cover $7.95 shipping) at thereviewcycle.com. This includes a paperback copy shipped, and an instant access to the digital copy!

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

What is the most important aspect of the guest experience?

“Systematically listening to customers. A lot of people they’re willing to listen, but when you have data overflow, you have hundreds, thousands of reviews. Going through and uncovering important themes and sentiments systematically is a game changer.

What are some successful tactics you’ve seen or tried lately?

“Identifying your positive experience drivers that your competitors don’t have. For example, if you’re using a software tool to process all of your reviews, you identify the top 5 positive things that people are saying about your experience at your restaurant or business and you do the same thing for your competitors reviews. You identify your strengths compared to theirs.

Who deserves an Ovation in the industry?

Angie’s located in Logan, Utah

Angie’s, it’s on Main Street. It’s been there since the eighties, and it’s got such a cool start up story from the founder, he’s a refugee. The crazy thing is, I mean you go back to the eighties there wasn’t even internet, Saboor Sahely and his restaurant has gone through the normalization of the Internet and he’s been able to adapt with his team to take on all of those new elements of being a restaurant, but not overlooking the personal touch of really making sure that people feel welcome and comfortable in the restaurant.

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