Learn how to bypass simple interactions and connect with guests from the President of LWM & Associates.

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Lisa Miller has 30 year of experience under her belt working in consumer insights and innovation for industry giants such as Quaker and Pepsi Co.. Now as a President of LWM & Associates, Miller focuses on providing integrated strategic insights and plans to unlock and activate business growth.

How do you instill joy despite the circumstances?

“It’s the filter by which you view the circumstances and challenges that you’re faced with. Nobody’s lives are perfect. We all face challenges and sorrow and sadness. I think what you have to do is talk about what your joy is, what propels you forward, and kind of fear is what hold you back.”

How do you push for customer retention?

“It starts with your employees, without a doubt. Customers are receiving this joyful experience but what happens, which I don’t think people talk enough about, is that the employee actually gets joy back from the consumer. So when connection is there, people feel valued. Once you have that connection, it opens up possibilities for both customer and employee retention.”

What are some tactics to increase joy in our employees?

“Make them feel a part of the process. To know what employers can do to help their employees we have to think about connecting rather than transaction. Think about shift meetings, they are about the promotions and sales, it’s all very transactional communication. What we need to ask is how do you begin to connect? Are they okay? Do they have the resources that they need? And even just that small little connection point will go a long way and making them feel appreciated and making them feel a part of the process.

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