Dishing up a deep understanding of culture, engagement, and brand vision with the Co-Founders of Via 313.

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Brandon and Zane Hunt are brothers who have shaken and shaped the pizza industry since they opened Via313 in 2011. Brandon and Zane began Via313 out of a trailer in Detroit determined to expand and serve everyone up a slice. Now as a multi-unit brand, Via313 continue to serve delicious deep dish pizza all while perfecting their guest experience.

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

What is the most important aspect of the guest experience nowadays?

“Consistency. The consistency of the experience as well as as the food quality is super important. I love that you could go to a Via and say ‘it’s my first time in’ and just know that you’re triggering something behind the scenes and then the staff remember and follow through with it. To have that consistency across multiple locations is huge..”

What successful strategies and tactics have you seen/tried?

The personal touch

“Really showcase the the guest experience and your brand. We’ve touched on a lot of them but at Via we give out dum-dums at the end of the meal. For the first timers, the manager or somebody from some type of leadership should swing by and introduce himself, and thank you personally for coming in just the extra bit of attention that really seals the deal to get you to come back.

Who deserves an Ovation?

Gerald Morgan and the late Kent Taylor, Texas Road House

That’s a company we love as far as consistency, expectations, and execution goes. It doesn’t matter where you’re at Texas Roadhouse always delivers in in that that arena.”

K&N Management

Pal’s Sudden Service

Micah Solomon, author

For more, check out @Via313 on all socials and the Via 313 website!

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